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    A place for your kids to play away from campground traffic.
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    There is a manager at the campground every day.
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    We are located a short drive from a variety of recreation locations.

Regulations and Policies

Our campground is here for your pleasure. Please use it and enjoy it, but do not destroy it.

Management will not tolerate any willful destruction!

  1. Water supplies must be insulated and heat taped by October 1st. If you do not have this in place your water will be disconnected. Frozen pipes due to neglect on your part will be repaired and replaced at your expense.
  2. No hay, straw, or any other flammable product can be used for skirting around your camper.
  3. Fire rings must be contained with a complete bottom closure. They must be kept neat and ashes must be disposed of properly. You may NOT discard ashes on lots, roads or dumpsters. Please be sure there are no hot coals before dumping. Fire rings must be positioned as to not disturb neighboring tenants.
  4. No heating devices are to be used under campers.
  5. Speed Limit 10 MPH.
  6. Keep a safe and clean campsite. All garbage must be bagged and placed in the dumpster.
  7. Do not dig any holes or ditches on your camp site. Other people will be using your site in the future. Please leave it as you found it.
  8. Check with Management first if you wish to move to another campsite.
  9. All pets must be registered at the Utica Shale RV office! Pit bulls, Rottweiler’s and Doberman’s are not permitted in our campground. Any animal deemed dangerous by Management will be expelled from Utica Shale RV Park; pets must be kept quiet and under control at all times. All pets must be indoor pets; they are not permitted outside campers unattended.
  10. Weekday quiet time is from 10:00 p.m, to 7:00 a.m. All children (including Teenagers) must be in their respective campsites during these hours. Weekend quiet time hours are from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
  11. No firearms, fireworks, or explosives of ANY kind are allowed.
  12. No washing cars, trailers or other vehicles is permitted. Please conserve water.
  13. Be considerate of utilities, if you will be away from your camper for some time, please turn off all electrical devices, including heaters and air conditioners until you return.
  14. Soliciting is not allowed at Utica Shale RV Park. If you notice anyone soliciting please contact Management.
  15. Please crush or collapse items before putting them in the dumpster, especially boxes.
  16. Mail will be deposited by Management in mailboxes located on the back side of the bulletin board. Take mail from the box corresponding to the first letter of your LAST name. This is a service provided by USRV Park for your convenience. Management is not responsible for lost or damaged mail. If this process is not satisfactory you may purchase a P.O. Box at one of the local post offices.